My question is regarding group policy security setting (Wired Network (IEEE 802.3) Policies). When I set this setting I cannot see any file generated to store these settings in SYSVOL\sysvol\domainName\guid\Machine\ path. May I know where can I find these settings stored? My requirement is to read and parse those settings to store it in database.


The Wired Network policy settings are stored in the Group Policy Container (AD System -> Policies), not the GPT (Sysvol share). You can expose these settings by searching for the "ms-net-ieee-8023-GroupPolicy" object class:

Get-ADObject -Filter {objectClass -eq "ms-net-ieee-8023-GroupPolicy"} -Properties *

You can also use the ADU&C GUI to find the settings:

<domain>/System/Policies/{<GPO-GUID>}/Machine/Microsoft/Windows/IEEE8023/<Wired Network policy name>
  • Thank you for your help. – M A Nafay Apr 22 at 6:27

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