I'm trying to boot PCs from a Windows 2012R2 WDS server in UEFI mode. it works fine BIOS mode, but I want to boot from UEFI mode.

I have change the boot setting to UEFI mode; secure boot in BIOS.

I am using Dell laptops and when I try to boot from NIC IPv4 under UEFI boot shows as below.

Checking Media Presence........... Media Present... Start PXE over IPv4.


then it hold for a while to get IP address from DHCP server then fails and prompts to reboot laptop.

  • What is the model of hte laptops and the BIOS version that you are using on the devices? – Elliot Labs Apr 18 at 12:59
  • Dell latitude 5490 and Bios version is 1.7.0 – Caterpillar May 3 at 14:56
  • Can you update them to the latest bios version? (1.8.3). Also, can you validate that your DHCP server is responding to all clients? – Elliot Labs May 3 at 15:01
  • Yes sure. Will update on this. – Caterpillar May 3 at 15:05
  • Adding it to it, If I boot the laptop to OS, it will pick the IP address, but from PXE IP is not picking. – Caterpillar May 3 at 15:10

When normal PXE with BIOS works, your should check if you have enabled WINS on your Network card (under TCPv4 Settings) of your WDS Server. When yes, disable it :)

enter image description here

  • could you verify this? – Thomas Apr 25 at 8:49
  • did not work thomas. – Caterpillar May 3 at 15:31

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