I am using CentOS image from AWS EC2, I have root volume attached which is 150 GB and I see below error message after I login

zsh: locking failed for /home/centos/.zsh_history: no space left on device: reading anyway

disk space full

In, AWS EC2 I can increase the size of the root volume and run below commands into the server to increase the disk space

sudo growpart /dev/xvda 1
sudo xfs_growfs -d /

My question is will the error message get removed if I increase the disk space as I want to be sure?

Please help

  • If / is the only file system (and /home(/centos) is not on its own filesystem) then yes you can increase the diskspace (and root file system) to get rid of it. - Typically you would first check WHY you run out of disk space, if it is because of actual data you want to keep, or bad house keeping. If it is the latter potentially you can free a lot of space by cleaning up old data, excessive log files etc. ... – HBruijn Apr 16 at 12:20
  • @HBruijn: yes, I think that too, Do you know any command where I can list all files which is consuming the server space? – techGaurdian Apr 16 at 13:43
  • @HBruijn: Thanks. Just one thing / is the only filesystem I have. Also I am not able to know where the disk space is been utilized. Server is 150 GB and I'm sure that application is using 50GB only and 100 GB should be free but dont know how to find it Any Idea? – techGaurdian Apr 16 at 19:40

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