I'm frequently using remote-desktop with a windows 10 server and access the multiple desktops feature (i.e. similar to linux, in windows win+tab, right-hand corner: new desktop). However if I connect to the server from a machine with different monitor configurations (i.e. only one screen instead of two), the virtual desktops put all windows into the first virtual desktop.

It's highly disorienting, didn't find any solutions with google. Any advice/hints as to how to deal with this properly? There's no apparent reason to me why the number of effective screens should mess with the virtual desktops...


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    I had this problem, too. And like you I couldn't find a "real" solution (there are some tricks, but nothing perfect). So I asked a similar thing in the VDI enterprise community and got a "for backwards compatibility reasons this is not possible". – bjoster Apr 24 at 11:29
  • This might be specific to windows server edition, as I'm not having this issue with my personal RDP onto my personal laptop (win10). Updates follow... – user2305193 May 11 at 23:00
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    VDI means "Virtual Desktop Infrastructure" - all the clients are Windows 10. Hopefully it gets fixed with 19H1 as 1809 does have better window management, but not perfect desktop management. 19H1 should be better. – bjoster May 17 at 18:20

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