Using domain admin credentials, I'm unable to authenticate into my PDC's CertSrv application:


I'm caught in a 401 loop.

I've tried this proposed solution:

  1. Open IIS Manager
  2. Expand the Default Web Site website and highlight the CertSrv application
  3. Open Authentication and highlight the Windows Authentication method
  4. Click Providers ... on the right
  5. Raise NTLM to the first place so that the negotiation is under NTLM
  6. Issue an IISRESET at an elevated command prompt

But that doesn't work. I still get a 401.

setspn -q http/server2 returns "No such SPN found," as does setspn -q http/server2.domain.local.

What can I do to get into my CertSrv application?

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