I have a Synology NAS device running DSM 6, and am trying to use user quotas to manage disk space, specifically for use with backups.

The problem is, because of the 7 day grace period that allows users to exceed their quota, this is causing more problems than it solves, as backups are exceeding the limit as the soft limit tricks them into thinking there is plenty of space left, before failing when the grace period suddenly expires and leaves them with zero bytes remaining.

What I want to know is; is there a way to disable the grace period on DSM 6 and to use only hard limits instead?

NOTE: Answers really need to come from people who at least have access to a Synology NAS, as while they are Linux based the environment is very non-standard, and lacks many of the tools Linux users can take for granted.

For example, in specific regard to quotas, while DSM 6 appears to be using the common Linux quota package, it does so with most of the standard tools for it missing, so I can't simply use edquota as I would on another system, which is why I'm not sure how to disable the grace period.

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    When you have ext4 file systems and the edquota quota editor is not available I would expect that at least the setquota commandline tool will be there instead. - Alternatively you could be using a btrfs file-system. In that case quota could be implemented with quota groups (qgroups) btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Quota_support – HBruijn Apr 17 at 11:46

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