A bunch of our software is deployed via GPO (both Assigned and Published), but the paths to said installers are on an old server \\foo.

I've set up DFS and want to move these installers to a new location \\domain\dfs\software. So I've followed the instructions outlined here to update the GPO's msiFileList value. Easy peasy.

updated msiFileList value

I double check the GPO settings: looks good.

verified new gpo deployment source

However, I log onto my test machine and try to install the software using "Install a Program from the Network", and see that it's still pointing to the old path:

still pointing to the old path

OK, maybe the GPO hasn't been applied.

  • gpresult /r: Yup, GPO is applied
  • gpupdate /force: No errors.
  • Reboot: done

Well now that I'm sure this GPO is applied, let's try again. Same thing. I can manually point to the new location, but that's not a reasonable solution when trying to deploy to more than a few computers.

So what am I missing? Is there a GPO cache I need to clear somewhere?

Version information

  • Server: Windows 2008R2
  • Test PC: Windows 10 Pro 1809

Sadly I was unable to find any resolution to this. The only thing that worked was to remake each GPO.

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