Can please advise how I do master master replication? How can I get the exact position while the production server is keep on running and busy? To SCP to another server took about 7,8h , after waiting and waiting I dont see it replication or syncing correctly. I guess it couldnt catch up with the master A gtid. Can please share with me the steps?

  • How many GB of data? What parameters did you use for replication, such as multiple-threads? Show us the backup command. SCP may not be necessary. – Rick James Apr 27 '19 at 2:35
  • roughly 60GB to 160GB. im using mariabackup. mariadb version 10.2 – Syamiera Apr 28 '19 at 3:13

With the software already set up on the Slave, but without Replication set up, this may be the most efficient way:

mariabackup --host the-master ... | mysql --host the-slave-to-be ...

Note that there is no SCP, and the dump never touches the disk. This one-line script can be run on either server or even a third server.

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