1. we want move Computer account automatically in respective Ou when it join Domain i have some Poworshell script but it is use for manual movement "redircmp ou=newcomputerou,dc=domainname,dc=com"

so what i want, anyone in IT join system in Domain and it will automatically move right OU

  • Are you getting an error when you run the redircmp command? After running the redircmp command, are newly joined computers still ending up in the Computers container? – Doug Deden Apr 22 at 21:25
  • i want this automate not this way "redircmp ou=newcomputerou,dc=domainname,dc=com " like anyone in IT just join system in Domain and it will automatically move to respective OU i know there would be some predefined Name and OU but i want to know can we do this – Biren Apr 23 at 6:00

Schedule your powershell script.

The script must list the computers in the default "Computers" container, find the OU, move the computer.

  • Hi @Swisstone you got my point but how can we do same and what would be powershell script for same – Biren Apr 23 at 6:04

According to this Microsoft support article, the use of the redircmp command should take effect immediately, and all computers joined to the domain after that command has been issued should land in your "newcomputerou" OU.

1.Log on with Domain Administrator credentials in the domain where the CN=computers container is being redirected.

2.Transition the domain to the Windows Server 2003 domain in the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in (Dsa.msc) or in the Domains and Trusts (Domains.msc) snap-in.For more information about increasing the domain functional level, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

322692 How to raise domain and forest functional levels in Windows Server 2003

3.Create the organizational unit container where you want computers that are created with earlier-version APIs to be located, if the desired organizational unit container does not already exist.

4.Run the Redircmp.exe file at a command prompt by using the following syntax, where container-dn is the distinguished name of the organizational unit that will become the default location for newly created computer objects that are created by down-level APIs:

redircmp container-dn container-dn

Redircmp.exe is installed in the %Systemroot%\System32 folder on Windows Server 2003-based or newer computers. For example, to change the default location for a computer that is created with earlier-version APIs such as Net User to the OU=mycomputers container in the CONTOSO.COM domain, use the following syntax: C:\windows\system32>redircmp ou=mycomputers,DC=contoso,dc=com

  • Hi @Doug Deden this is manual task we want automate this i already have this script – Biren Apr 23 at 6:05
  • You only have to do it once. There is no need to automate it. – Doug Deden Apr 23 at 14:40

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