I am working on a backup script but got some problems with my script, can you help me?


    rsync \
      --archive \
      --recursive \
      --include-from $INCLUDE \
      --exclude-from $EXCLUDE \
      --hard-links \
      --perms \
      --executability \
      --owner \
      --group \
      --human-readable \
      --verbose \
      --progress \
      --delete-before \
      --stats \
      --timeout=300 \
      -e "ssh -i $SSHKEY" $USER@$IP:$DST

My question is, how do I tell rsync to rsync everything thats in the include-file , exclude everything thats in the exclude-file without giving him a source path?


The manual says you have to have a source directory.

You should use the list in your include file as a list of source directories to loop through and rsync from:

for dir in /root /data /etc/httpd
    rsync OPTIONS $dir DEST

Or, you can make / your source directory, and have something like /* in your exclude pattern.

  • Thank you very much! – xDuckyDuc Jul 10 '19 at 11:17

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