I have an application that is currently running on a dedicated server, with the following (simplified) structure:

├── backend
│   ├── application-code
│   └── public
└── frontend <-- domain points here
    ├── api -> ../backend/public
    └── public-code

The backend is Laravel, and the frontend is just static HTML. Currently, we are able to access the api via a symlink, e.g. http://frontend.com/api actually gets served from the public directory of the backend.

I can't nest the backend within the frontend because the files shouldn't be publicly accessible (think like a standard Laravel structure).

What is the easiest / best way of achieving this in AWS Elasticbeanstalk? (we have a requirement that we can only use 1 application environment). I've seen custom setups that install nginx from scratch etc, ideally I want to be able to configure just this routing and leave everything else as standard and as simple as possible.


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