guys I'm new to AWS and what I did was I restarted the Ec2 Instance of mongo via a Schedule. But after restarting I am unable to connect to the mongo server from anywhere. i.e Robomongo (local machine) also the instance that uses the mongo service for example mongo-qa instance is used by app-qa which isn't working because mongo is unreachable (I think.). The instance is up and running tho.

Any help will be appreciated.


we need a bit more information to help you out.

Things to look at:

  • is your MongoDB instance on public or private subnet? Check if it has a public IP associated to it

  • how are the security groups configured? If the instance is reachable through public IP, you should have on the security groups the public IP of your local machine

  • are you able to ssh into it? Maybe the mongodb service was not configured to be started along with the ec2 startup process

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