I use the Office 365 Business Web interface to migrate IMAP email accounts. I imported one .csv file with 20 mailboxes. 17 synced and three failed because of a wrong password.

Now I received the correct password for one of the failed accounts. If possible I would like to edit the password from the one account and delete the two accounts with (until now) unknown password.

How can I edit the migration details?

If I import a new migration file it won't allow me to have email addresses which are in previous migration files.

I could delete the existing migration and add a new migration with the new details. But because 17 are synced successfully and will continue to sync with the existing migration I don't want to delete the existing migration.

If I can't edit the file what is the proper way to proceed from here?

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Edit : Edit an existing migration batch. For staged Exchange migrations and IMAP migrations, you can submit a different CSV file. You can also change the migration endpoint used for the migration batch. You can edit only a migration batch that has a status of Created.


So you could submit a updated csv file.

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