I have a GKE cluster running with the nginx-ingress controller from the Kubernetes community (via Helm). I set it up with a regional IP which I had reserved in advance like so:

helm install stable/nginx-ingress \
  --set controller.service.loadBalancerIP=my.reserved.regional.ip

I then added a couple of Ingress resources with the kubernetes.io/ingress.class: "nginx" annotation and nothing much else, and pointed them to a headless service in the cluster (a type: ClusterIP).

This works fine, and I can access the vhost-based ingresses via the load balancer IP.

However, I am wondering why the Ingress resources are also assigned an external IP:

==> v1beta1/Ingress
NAME           HOSTS                ADDRESS        PORTS  AGE
ingress-admin  admin.my-domain.com  80     24m
ingress-api    api.my-domain.com  80     24m

Is this normal? The IP responds to ping but does not serve HTTP (which my service does). Is there anything I need to do with the Ingress resources to avoid this?


Welcome @Achton on StackExchange.

To keep the same Reserved Static External IP Address in Ingress resources as assigned to Ingress Controller`s LB Service, you should set one more configuration parameter when installing nginx-ingress controller with helm chart, this is:

--set controller.publishService.enabled=true

as explained in NGINX Ingress Controller documentation here

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  • Thanks Nepomucen - is my service required to be of type LoadBalancer? Because I'm currently using only "headless" services (with "clusterIP: none"). – Achton May 7 '19 at 7:34
  • It should be of ClusterIP Type, if you want to expose services externally via Ingress Controller, backed with the same static LoadBalancer`s IP address. – Nepomucen May 7 '19 at 10:13

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