I have a StatefulSet (see https://gist.github.com/holyjak/fc6e35a4228d348cf89eef5303473cab#file-eks-pod-no-avail-volume-zone-yml) with a volumeClaimTemplate and a corresponding StorageClass definition. I run on AWS EKS.

I realized there was a problem as my pod was Pending with the warning "node(s) had no available volume zone". Looking into AWS EC2 console I noticed there was a Volume but it was not attached to the worker node, while kubectl get pv listed it as OK.

I manually deleted the Volume in EC2 and try to delete the PV as well:

$ kubectl delete pv <id>
persistentvolume "<id>" deleted

but this command, despite printing "deleted" hanged and get pv still showed the PV.

I have tried to delete also the StatefulSet but to no avail.


Solution: I obviously had to manually delete also the persistent volume claim (kubectl delete pvc demo-db-storage-demo-db-deployment-0). After that also the (obviously pending) PV delete finished. I was able to apply by resources again and got a new Volume, PV, PVC, and a running pod.

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