Apache 2.4.38 on Windows

We are just about to start using a new content management system, Enonic, hosted in the cloud. I am now trying to configure an internal alias for the test instance to point to the instance in the cloud. This is quite straight forward using proxypass/proxypassrevers

ProxyPass "/"  "https://xptest.enonic.cloud/wwwt/"
ProxyPassReverse "/"  "https://xptest.enonic.cloud/wwwt/"

Problem is that there are several sites on the instance https://xptest.enonic.cloud and therefore we cannot expose the site using the root / - therefore www is added. Problem is that the CMS adds www as a prefix for all relative url's created by the cms. Meaning https://wwwt.mycorp.com/wwwt/corporate, but wwwt should not be there, it should be https://wwwt.mycorp.com/corporate

I did try this serverfault.com:Apache URL rewriting in reverse proxy but no luck either, urls still contains the /wwwt/

Any ideas on how to get around this issue?

  • Thanks to dltj.org/article/apache-httpd-and-tomcat I'm almost there, will post an answer with full configuration when all is solved. For now it works for all except the relative url / - in other words the home / root. That one still adds /wwwt/ – rhellem May 2 '19 at 20:32

The solotion as described in the post https://dltj.org/article/apache-httpd-and-tomcat/ to use RewriteUrl [P] and not ProxyPass. RewriteUrl hides /wwwt/ from being showed in the browser, and all links are now shown as expected in the CMS.

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