OS: Windows 10 Pro (used as production server to host websites, and mail functions.)

I've noticed that de-fragmenting my hard drive (using MyDefrag v4.3.1) it's taking for ever to work itself through this C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History\Store folder.

Looking further into it I found that this folder is over 26 GB in size and is holding over 2.3 million files. The file content is encrypted - so of no use to figure out what is stored. They date range is from 2016-04 to 2019-02 (the time I stopped using Defender.)

At the moment I am not using Windows Defender as antivirus software, but G Data Antivirus software. The reason I removed Windows Defender is because it was using 100% of the computers resources for an extended time, just making the system unusable. The server was again responsive after I switched. Checking into the remouval I looked at the Windows features on or off tool - and it looks like Defender is not even listed.

Before running the defrag tool I did a Disk Cleanup System Files and removed all I could (Windows Defender logs are not listed in the list.) I also used the Remove Temporary Files tool offered in Windows 10 (but there too, no mention of Windows Defender log files.)

Doing some research on the subject I found this post, but very little else that sounds useful. Your suggestion is much appreciated.


I went ahead and deleted these files, after getting some help from here; and it worked.


if you don't know how to clear the Protection history just check out the video https://youtu.be/vWyoptIYlak

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