How would I set up procmail so it replies to all emails with a standard message, provided the emails:

  • Have the word "AAA" in the subject
  • Have the word "BBB" in the text
  • Do not have the words "CCC" or "DDD" in the text

Untested; this should get you started:

* ^Subject:.*AAA.*                 # subject condition
* !^X-Loop: your@own.mail.address  # prevent mail loops
   :0 c B     # c: make sure you still receive the mail, B: check body instead of header
   * BBB      # body conditions
   * !CCC
   * !DDD
   | (formail -r -A"X-Loop: your@own.mail.address" ; echo "This is my reply") | $SENDMAIL -t

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