I am trying to setup an LDAP server to allow authentication to a Linux machine through the database, instead of doing so locally.

I am using Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition (ODSEE) as a LDAP server, CentOS 7 as the host OS and Tomcat as a web container.

So far I've succesfully installed ODSEE and deployed the web console through Tomcat; a LDAP instance is running correctly, data can be be queried.

As I understand it, now I need to setup the server to use the RFC 2307 schema, which allows LDAP to store account settings internally.

I cannot figure out how to implement the needed schema, or what server structure I should end up with...

The ODSEE manual lists RFC 2307 as a supported (and included) schema; however I can create a posixGroup, but there is no posixUser class available.

I don't understand how to configure Linux login to try log onto LDAP instead of locally once the schema is implemented, either...

Could someone please clarify such points for me? I've been searching for answers all over the place, but it feels like I am running in a circle.


  • for the Linux part, you can use SSSD with your LDAP settings inside, and maybe modify PAM's, i believe there are tons of tutorials on the web for that (configure LDAP client on Linux). – olivierg May 30 at 19:16

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