I joined a domain as a secondary domain controller with

samba-tool domain join domain.com DC -U"admin"

Then I can see it successfully join the domain with the query:

realm list --all

  type: kerberos
  realm-name: DOMAIN.COM
  domain-name: domain.com
  configured: kerberos-member
  server-software: active-directory
  client-software: sssd
  required-package: sssd-tools
  required-package: sssd
  required-package: libnss-sss
  required-package: libpam-sss
  required-package: adcli
  required-package: samba-common-bin
  login-formats: %U
  login-policy: allow-realm-logins

I can list the users with samba-tool user list

I don't understand why can't I do an id of a domain user such as admin@domain.com


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