My Google Cloud Platform server is suddenly unable to download anything via wget, git clone, and unable to apt-get install anything.

--2019-05-07 14:48:02-- http://google.com/ Resolving google.com (google.com)... failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.

When trying to git clone repositories:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname bitbucket.org: Temporary failure in name resolution fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

I did not make any changes to any configuration files. I am able to SSH into other servers from this GCP server, so it's not an internet connection problem. I'm also able to git clone the same repository successfully on other servers.

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Problem: Above mentioned instance outbound internet connectivity is restricted.


  • Your local machine/laptop/desktop ---> Internet ---> ssh into your GCP your. ( In bound for the GCP machine.)
  • Your firewall at GCP and Iptable in GCP machine must be allowing incoming connections to the GCP machine.


  • GCP machine ---> git clone ---> Internet ( Outbound for the GCP machine.)
  • Here we have an issue.

How to resolve it:

  • Check, your firewall outbound connections at GCP.
  • Login into the GCP mchine and make sure outbound connections are allowed in iptables as well.

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