I have an Azure ASE Web Application and a KeyVault that holds connection strings to our Azure SQL Servers and Azure Storage Accounts. The ASE web app is able to connect to our azure sql server and storage accounts using clear text in the portal (configuration blade) without issue. When we switch over to keyvault connections (@Microsoft.KeyVault(SecretUri=...) and try to have the web app read the secrets it fails to connect to the DB's (and everything else) and we are unable to log in (user accounts are stored in the DB).

This same app is running in a standard web app configuration (not isolated) and works with clear text AND keyvault. I've confirmed and the ASE VNet/subnets have been specified on the keyvault, azure sql server, and azure storage accounts firewall/vnet permissions. The two web apps - ase and standard web app, each have their own set of resources (azure sql database, storage accounts, keyvault) but the resources are just copies of each other. The only difference is the standard web app and the ASE web app.

I'm not sure why the ASE environment is unable to connect to the keyvault. All resources have stipulated that the ASE VNet/subnet can access and I also allowed the service endpoints for the ASE network. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions on this.

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