Not sure if this is the correct site in the network for this question, but here goes!

I have a very strong software background (root cause analysis, troubleshooting, deployment and config).

I’ve recently taken a job where Active Directory and Networking is very much needed.

I was wondering if it is possible to create a 2 VMs on something like DigitalOcean and spin up Windows Server and create my own DomainController and DNS server to practice and to join my home PC to that domain.

I have a registered domain name already on GoDaddy: www.keplerio.com

Should I name my AD domain something like keplerio-ad.com? Or domain.keplerio.com?

Also, would joining my home PC to this theoretical domain controller take away my ability to sign in with the local user created by using my Microsoft account on Windows 10?

Any info that could fill in the gaps for me or give me a meaningful learning path is appreciated! I’m looking into a cert path that will benefit me in the most meaningful ways but am foggy on where I should start with those. All of my experience is from my last 3 jobs!

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  • this is not a security question – schroeder May 7 at 21:07
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    There are some existing questions on the site you should refer to (like serverfault.com/questions/76715/… for example). It's not a typical deployment scenario to put a DC out on the public Internet. (The threat model of being on-the-public-Internet is pretty gnarly for a DC.) I'd argue you'll get better real-world-applicable experience using a low-end PC to do your experimentation on your LAN. A $100 off-lease PC w/ 8GB of RAM from the last 3 - 5 years is going to do just fine. Bump it up to 16GB if you want to run a few VMs. – Evan Anderson May 7 at 21:20
  • Yeah, as @EvanAnderson says (although he really should start answering questions again, not just commenting...) if you wanna learn about AD you should do it on your own machines to practice. – Ward May 8 at 3:47