Is it correct that if I install ejabberd on Windows machine I cannot use MS SQL instead of Mnesia? https://docs.ejabberd.im/admin/configuration/#microsoft-sql-notes seems to suggest it, it says, "For now, MS SQL is only supported in Unix-like OS'es". This sounds strange, because

  1. ejabberd works fine on Windows;
  2. Windows is the native environment for SQL Server.

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Well, in that same paragraph it says that ejabberd uses FreeTDS and unixODBC libraries. If any of those is not available in Windows, then... that specific feature does not work in Windows.

  • There is FreeTDS port to Windows, but not unixODBC for Windows. It's a very strange, perhaps perverted situation, ejabberd works on Windows, MS SQL is native on Windows and was only ported to Linux, but ejabberd cannot work with MS SQL on Windows...
    – vkelman
    May 8, 2019 at 15:31

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