My server was listed twice in a 2 months time window in backscatterer.org blacklist, for a low severity. I'm not finding anything about the reason of blacklisting. Would there be anyone to help me to find the reason ?

I am on a Debian Jessie server using postfix with dovecot, protected with fail2ban on authentification attempts. I may have forgotten something on the configuration, but there were no problem in the past time, server was nearly never listed.

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The why is simple; as quoted from their homepage;

Listing Policy is quite simple: Every IP which backscatters (Sending misdirected bounces or misdirected autoresponders or sender callouts) will be listed the next 4 weeks here. Currently 88109 IP's are known for abusing the NET in this way!

The who is more complex to find; I would suggest checking the outgooing queue for any user that abuse; Please see that question for that topic; How to log full outgoing mails in Postfix?

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