How can i make a directory inside htdocs act as the root directory?


Going to "localhost/<directory>"

Serves "C:/Apache/htdocs/<directory>" as the "$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']"

I tried this, it did not change the "$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']"

<VirtualHost localhost/<directory>:80>
     DocumentRoot C:\Apache\htdocs\<directory>
     ServerName localhost/<directory>
     ServerAlias localhost/<directory>
<Directory "C:\Apache\htdocs\<directory>">
    AllowOverride All
    Require local

Don't mixup apache virtual directories (like http://servername/directory) and the physical path (like c:\folder)

<VirtualHost localhost:80> <-- this is where the apache
                                process listens (just
     DocumentRoot C:\Apache\htdocs\<directory>
     <-- This path is served in the virtual directory "/"
         (and what you are searching for)

     ServerName localhost
     <-- This is the server's name on which this directive is active

     ServerAlias localhost
     <-- Theese are alternate server's names. NAMEs, no path at all.

The directive doesn't to do anything here, regarding the virtual path; it contains stuff on how apache should act in this directory, not where it is.

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    But i am still having to remove the <directory> part after localhost via .htaccess, the localhost/<directory> still does not act as the root like localhost/ does. – amt May 8 at 12:47
  • The <directory> directive can either be in your conf (as above), or placed as a .htaccess file in the path itself. Both would be correct - so you can leave your <Directory> in your <VirtualHost> element. – bjoster May 8 at 14:37

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