I'm seeing contradictory information in the AWS documentation. I'm wondering specifically about termination initiated by Amazon after the first hour.

From the FAQs

If the Spot instance is terminated or stopped by Amazon EC2 in any subsequent hour, you will be charged for your usage to the nearest second. If you are running on Windows and you terminate the instance yourself, you will be charged for an entire hour.

From whitepaper on How Spot Instances Work

If you terminate your instance, you pay for any partial hour used (as you do for On-Demand or Reserved Instances). However, you are not charged for any partial hour of usage if the Spot price goes above your maximum price and Amazon EC2 interrupts your Spot Instance.

So, are we charged for partial hours of EC2 Spot instance usage that is terminated by Amazon? Does anyone know from experience?

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    My best guess is that "per second" billing is fairly new and all the documentation hasn't been updated yet. The part about Windows rounding up hours is probably to do with Microsoft licensing. – Tim May 9 at 19:17

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