Has anyone tried creating GPG keys for encrypted pillars on Ubuntu 18.04?

I'm using the following command to attempt to generate the keys:

gpg --gen-key --homedir /etc/salt/gpgkeys

When I run that I get the usual set of questions, full name, email, etc. However when it gets to the passphrase screen, I seem to be unable to get past it without entering a passphrase. I get a ncurses display that looks like this:

gpg passphrase

If I just hit enter to get past it, it immediately pops right back up. If I hit "Cancel" then I get the following error:

gpg: agent_genkey failed: Operation cancelled
Key generation failed: Operation cancelled

Anyone run into this?

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If you don't have a passphrase, you can just as well not bother to encrypt your data in the first place, because anyone who can get access to the server with the data will also be able to use the key.

If you for some reason want to pretend to be secure while not actually being it, you can use the argument --passphrase='' to gpg. But you shouldn't do that.

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