I have a following problem that I can't find a solution for.

I have the following setup

Private LAN -> Mikrotik router <-> ip2lt vpn on linux <-> clients

The idea is to allow clients to remotely access private LAN network that is connected to Mikrotik router. I have been able to configure the vpn so that the clients see each other and the Mikrotik router, but I can't figure out how to connect private LAN network that is connected to the Mikrotik with other VPN clients.

Let's assume that clients and the router are connected together into one network via VPN.

Mikrotik has Client 1 has

Client 1 pings --> works well.

Now, Mikrotik has a private network connected with the addresses

I want to be able to connect to from Client 1.


1) How do I do this? I figured that VPN needs to forward the ip packets addressed to to the Mikrotik router cause right now they don't reach Mikrotik. How to achieve this on linux? Iptables FORWARD or adding a route rule?

2) Let's say I have a default gateway on the client's computer (NAT for internet access), when I traceroute to I see it goes through the default gateway. I want it to go through VPN server instead. How to properly address this? I added a local routing rule on my Mac but this solution (to modify client in order for it to work) doesn't seem to be right.

4) Do I have to configure something in Mikrotik router? In my opinion no because it will know the gateway for addresses, right?

5) What is the best way/practice to achieve the desired outcome?


If the client has IP but default GW that's not going to work as any device you are routing trough needs to be on the same network so.

I'm assuming that microtik is the default GW so you need to use also, microtik needs to know how to get to which I guess it knows as it must have an interface on that network

I guess that you need to check the routing table on microtik and also its IP address

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    The client has different interfaces one of them is VPN ppp for the network and the other one is eth0 for for internet access. – Adam Wolski May 12 '19 at 8:48
  • But note that mikrotik can't be the default gateway since VPN is in between? Mikrotik knows how to get to since this network is connected to it with bridge interface – Adam Wolski May 12 '19 at 8:49

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