Hy everyone,

the search function does not come up with a propper solution. I want to convert a old KVM disk QCOW2 to an compatible Ctrix Xen disk e.g. VMDK with that qemu-img converting tool

qemu-img convert -f qcow2 -O vmdk /mnt/itstuff/disk.qcow2 /mnt/itstuff/disk_conv.vmdk

but this is not working for me. I got the following error:

qemu-img: Could not open '/mnt/itstuff/disk.qcow2': Invalid argument qemu-img: Could not open '/mnt/itstuff/disk.qcow2'

Any ideas?

regards Thomas


Assuming your source file is present, accessible and not currently used by a running VM, the problem can be due to the source file not being a valid Qcow2 one (ie: maybe it is a raw file with a wrong .qcow2 extension)

Try omitting the source format parameter, issuing qemu-img convert -O vmdk /mnt/itstuff/disk.qcow2 /mnt/itstuff/disk_conv.vmdk

If that does not work, please provide additional information by issuing qemu-img info /mnt/itstuff/disk.qcow2

  • Thanks for your help. File is present, accessible and a copy of that VM (so its not used). I tried your suggestion "qemu-img convert -O vmdk /mnt/itstuff/disk.qcow2 /mnt/itstuff/disk_conv.vmdk qemu-img: error while writing sector 16384: Invalid argument
    – rcpe
    May 13 '19 at 10:41
  • root@kvm01:/mnt/itstuff# qemu-img info /mnt/itstuff/disk.qcow2 image: /mnt/itstuff/disk.qcow2 file format: raw virtual size: 10G (10737418240 bytes) disk size: 10G
    – rcpe
    May 13 '19 at 10:44
  • Ah I changed the writing path to a local one. Now its running. I´ll keep you updated. Thanks for the help so far :)
    – rcpe
    May 13 '19 at 10:53
  • @rcpe so your qemu-img info shows you are dealing with a raw file, rather than a qcow2 one.
    – shodanshok
    May 13 '19 at 11:03
  • Thanks this helped out.
    – rcpe
    May 14 '19 at 11:05

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