The question is pretty much in the title.

I have a domain, which has a subdomain with it's own DMARC record. The subdomain marketing.xxx.com is managed by a third-party and they handle the DMARC reports for their subdomain by themself.

I now want to analyze the regular corporate traffic on the main domain and am wondering, if it is possible to create a DMARC record for the main domain in a way, that the reports I receive don't contain traffic of the subdomain.

Is this possible with DMARC?

  • I think you should white-list sub-domains and then blacklist the main domain. If you don't have many sub-domains, it's a viable solution. – Overmind May 13 at 12:42

Short answer: Yes, it's possible for this specific case.

Just create a DMARC record in the organizational domain (yourdomain.tld).


If a subdomain is used in the header.from field, which has its own DMARC record published, the reports will (only) be sent to the email address registered in the rua tag.

If a subdomain is used without having a specific DMARC record published, the DMARC record for the organizational domain will be used.


Header.from: aaa@marketing.xxx.com ---> _dmarc.marketing.xxx.com will be used.

Header.from: aaa@bbb.marketing.xxx.com ---> _dmarc.xxx.com will be used (assuming no DMARC record was published for bbb.marketing.xxx.com).

Header.from: aaa@bbb.xxx.com ---> _dmarc.xxx.com will be used (assuming no DMARC record was published for bbb.xxx.com).

For a Flow Diagram and a step-by-step description of the DMARC process, please see section 4.3 of the DMARC RFC. Point 7 outlines the behavior I described above.

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