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Can we get that info the same way we do for FTP since HTTP is a plain text protocol?

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If the client passes the user credentials as plain text then yes, it will be possible to see them in the http packets.

  • Hi @Iain, thanks for your reply, what do you mean the client passing the user credential as plain text? isn't HTTP a plain text protocol? Can a web developer use techniques to encrypt the password using HTTP? Thanks in advance :) – Yoane Maior May 13 at 11:38
  • Not every web authentication method will send the passwords in plain text. Basic authentication and many login forms will send the password in plain text and should be using a secure channel like HTTPS to ensure transport security, but for instance something like Kerberos and the now mostly obsolete RFC 2617 "digest authentication" could be used instead and those won't show clear text passwords. – HBruijn May 13 at 11:51
  • @HBruijn Basic auth uses base64 to obfuscate the user:pass doesn't it ? Yoane, plain text means the stream is not encrypted. – user9517 May 13 at 11:56
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    @Iain AFAIK yes, with basic authentication passwords will be base64 encoded but that is both such a trivial form of obfuscation as well as a standard defined in the HTTP protocol. As such it is possibly even more obvious than clear text in a capture and with the http display filter wireshark will automatically recognize and display the decoded clear text http.authbasic credentials even more easily than looking for "password" fields in login forms. – HBruijn May 13 at 12:25

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