I would like to have internet traffic routed through ExpressVPN, however I cannot seem to mount a local NFS share once connected. I have tried:

expressvpn preferences set force_vpn_dns false

Because fstab was configured with the dns name of the remote nfs host, however it still will not resolve/ping local hostnames while the VPN is enabled.

I can ping the IPv4 address ( no problem, but when I ping the domain name (even using fqdn), no dice. So, I changed fstab to point to the IPv4 address (since it's reachable) to try and mount, but it gives me:

mount.nfs: No route to host

Not sure how to proceed. Another vNIC for LAN traffic, and another for internet? If so, how would I properly configure that?

  • What's the IP of your nameserver? Can you ping it? What does your routing table look like? – chicks May 13 at 19:46

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