Our business network runs all over the country. In an effort to provide better, more localized service, I'd like to configure our PowerDNS to return different IP's based on where the client is (by subnet, not geo location). This is not the same as this question because we have no forwarders - we need our authoritative DNS to return a different IP depending on client subnet.

I haven't been able to find much beyond using geo-location. I believe the equivalent of what I need is called "views" in bind (based on this question here on serverfault), and I came across some documentation about "dnsdist" for powerdns, but I can't find much on defining subnets and mapping them to corresponding DNS entries.

Any ideas how I would configure PowerDNS to return different IP based on client subnet? Or at least what the settings would be called so I can research them myself?

I'm a linux guy and no stranger to command line / direct config file manipulation, so it's not a big deal if phpipam cannot do what I'm hoping for here. Thanks in advance!

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