I have a linux postfix server with roundcube, dovecot and sieve installed.

I want to reply to messages with a certain subject with a message and the original message quoted.

Is there a macro/variable for the message body?

So I can create a template like:

Your order shown below has been recieved and will be processed within the next 2 days 
  • You generally don't want that, as then spammers can use your autoresponder to deliver their spam messages. – wurtel May 15 at 12:44
  • In this case it is not relevant, as the spammer will have to guess the recipient, subject and some content from the message. – Lenne May 17 at 22:09
  • Why does the spammer have to guess? If they know that "sales@example.com" replies to every received message with the complete original body content, then they just send thousands of messages to that sales address with a fake sender address that is the intended recipient of the spam. This is not theoretical... now your mail server gets blacklisted for distributing spam. – wurtel May 20 at 11:11
  • In this case it is one specific sender, sending a message to a specific receiver with a specific subject, and the reply goes to that specific sender. – Lenne May 21 at 13:09
  • Actually, due to some stupid rule, each quarter the company sends us a list of invoices, we have to confirm we have received the stuff. – Lenne May 21 at 13:11

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