I'm trying to set up autofs for users on an SFTP server.

Autofs' role is that it mount --binds the user folder location to a share mounted in /etc/fstab/. All of this works, except that I have to restart the service, disconnecting all SFTP users, instead of just reloading the configuration.

From what I understand, reloading the service should work for newly added lines in /etc/auto.master as well, but autofs doesn't seem to update anything on service reload.


Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
autofs 5.1.1-1ubuntu3.1

Config: /etc/auto.master

#/misc  /etc/auto.misc

/sftp_users/user1 /etc/autofs/user1.bind --ghost --timeout=600 -v
/sftp_users/user2 /etc/autofs/user2.bind --ghost --timeout=600 -v
/sftp_users/user3 /etc/autofs/user3.bind --ghost --timeout=600 -v
/sftp_users/user4 /etc/autofs/user4.bind --ghost --timeout=600 -v

Config: /etc/autofs/userX.bind example

ToMe -fstype=bind,ro :/mnt/W/AF/FTP/user1/In
FromMe -fstype=bind :/mnt/W/AF/FTP/user1/Out

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