I am in the process of of migrating all of my Linodes to Digital Ocean and I was hoping someone could provide some guidance. Last night I migrated my first Linode to Digital Ocean with the domain with no problems whatsoever, it was a 10 minute process.

After that I created my second droplet and repeated the same steps as I did for the first one but I can't manage to get the domain to successfully transfer to that droplet. I changed the name servers from linode to digital ocean and I linked the domain to the new dropplet. I also deleted that domain from my Linode account, however that Linode is somehow still serving that domain if I power that Linode back up.

When I look up the domain name on mxtoolbox.com it says it is linked to the digital ocean droplet ip address which leads me to believe that the propagation is complete, is that wrong?

The droplet I created is a Dokku image so to deploy I add git add remote dokku dokku@dokku.me:dokku.me but when I git push dokku master it still tries to connect to my linode ip address.

I erased that IP address from my ~/.ssh/known_hosts file as well as the domain name entry in that file and I also cleared the local DNScache from my mac.

What am I missing? Do I just need to wait for the propagation to finish? And if so how come the first one propagated so quickly?

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  • Provide the actual name you use, if you would like assistance in debugging DNS. Also, the timeline of when exactly you changed the zones. – John Mahowald May 15 at 17:44
  • What DNS provider are you using? DigitalOcean and Linode's own service? – Leo May 15 at 19:33