AdamSync is crashing periodically. In troubleshooting we found that it's throwing an exception when it encounters what it thinks is an empty DN. I replayed the query using the dirsync cookie stored in the ADLDS configuration. Dumping the returned values I find the following object:

CN=SCCM Site Server\0ADEL:0b9efaf1-24cc-46a1-92ff-f6aa74254d3e,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=appd,DC=appstate,DC=edu
objectguid 0b9efaf1-24cc-46a1-92ff-f6aa74254d3e
instancetype 4
isrecycled TRUE

As far as we can tell, that object no longer exists. We can't find it using any of our tools: User & Computers, LDP, ADSI Edit, AD Admin Center, AD Explorer, PowerShell queries (all using the deleted/recycled filters, extensions, and flags). We have considered that it may have hit its tombstone and been processed by the garbage collector since the date specified in the dirsync query. If that's the case, would the attribute change record continue to be returned? Indefinitely? If it hasn't been processed by the garbage collector why can't we find it?

AdamSync crashing due to the value seems to be a secondary effect or a different problem altogether.

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    Run the Lingering Objects Liquidator to see if this is a lingering object - blogs.technet.microsoft.com/askds/2017/10/09/… – joeqwerty May 16 at 2:16
  • @joeqwerty Thanks for the suggestion. I ran it against the entire forest and all my DCs but no luck. It found a handful of objects that are due to be GC'd soon but didn't find the specific object we're hunting. – Justin Cervero May 16 at 12:54

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