I have three WINSRV2012R2:

  1. x.x.x.120 SERVER00.DOMAIN.COM Aliase "SITE.DOMAIN.COM"
  2. x.x.x.121 SERVER01.DOMAIN.COM
  3. x.x.x.122 SERVER02.DOMAIN.COM

nslookup "SITE.DOMAIN.COM" returns:

  • address x.x.x.11
  • /
  • Address x.x.x.120
  • Aliases: SITE.DOMAIN.COM

1 - IIS Server Farm Balance with anonymous authentication 2nd and 3rd windows authentication providers NTLM and Negotiate

htt*/site.domain.com/ or htt*/x.x.x.120/ forwards me to ONE of web servers 2 or 3

I need to autologin site.

Mozilla uses its own settings (about:config-> network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris we add string: "site.domain.com,x.x.x.120") Works FINE, users login automatic to sites htt*/site.domain.com/ or htt*/x.x.x.120/

Chrome, IE(InternetExplorer) and edge use security settings (Internet options(security tab)) We add in the Local intranet list htt*/site.domain.com/ and htt*/x.x.x.120/

Auto login to htt*/x.x.x.120/ in Chrome, IE, EDGE works FINE

Auto login to htt*/site.domain.com/ in IE, EDGE works FINE

BUT in Chrome htt*/site.domain.com/ IT'S ASKS for LOGIN and PASSWORD, but only once (untill browser restart)

If in the file c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts add string "x.x.x.120 site.domain.com" Chrome autologin work FINE.

Was tested on some chrome versions (71,72,73,49). On chrome wersion 49 shows follows error: ERR_INVALID_AUTH_CREDENTIALS

Need help solving the issue. To make chrome without string in the hosts send credentials automaticly.

What i have been trying:

  • Turn off Negotiate provider (Chrome OK, site not works)
  • Tried to start Chrome with params –auth-server-whitelist=”MYIISSERVER.DOMAIN.COM” –auth-negotiate-delegatewhitelist=”MYIISSERVER.DOMAIN.COM” –auth-schemes=”digest,ntlm,negotiate” (Does not work)

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