I am trying to make a url rewrite as following:

 location /statics/ {
    alias /var/project/statics/;
 location /statics/cache {
    rewrite /statics/cache/(.*?)/(.*)$ http://$host/statics/$2 last;

Where URL would be as:
The original file is:

The problem here is: URL is redirecting (changing URL) to original file. I want to prevent the redirection.

Current status:
Redirects to original URL

  • Remove host part from rewrite – Alexey Ten May 16 at 10:02

I found the answer by Changing the Mask URL as following:

new url: http://ANY-DOMAIN.com/cdn/cache/1.2.5/file/path/file.js
instead of http://ANY-DOMAIN.com/statics/cache/1.2.5/file/path/file.js

And the rewrite rule to be as:

location /cdn/cache {
    rewrite /cdn/cache/(.*?)/(.*)$ /statics/$2 last;

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