Okay so I am using the WinNT provider with a .Net DirectoryEntry class to enumerate the members of a local group, through the Members property.

If the member is a local account, the DirectoryEntry will also be read from the SAM on the local machine presumably.

If the member is a Domain Account however, will the provider perform a query to Active Directory when I access the properties of the DirectoryEntry object?

Is there a way to differentiate the two scenarios? For example check a property on the DirectoryEntry to see if it is going to get the properties from the local machine SAM, or by querying a domain controller to read Active Directory?

Is there a way to get the name (or even just the SID) of the member without querying Active Directory?

I'm trying to enumerate the local groups on a large number of servers and don't want to be hammering the domain controller, if they contain many domain user accounts.

  • If you can't find a way to do this in .NET, you could P/Invoke to NetLocalGroupGetMembers. Level 0 returns only SIDs. – Harry Johnston May 16 at 21:43

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