I'm trying to link two OneLogin accounts using the Trusted IdP functionality.

I've the setup going if I create the user on the target OneLogin account by hand. Now I want to use JIT like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZxPi9c1s_Q

But unfortunately it's not showing what to put in as a config. On the trusted side I've put the following on the parameters tab. All are part of the SAML assertion:

SAML Test Connector (IdP)Field        Value
FirstName                             First Name
LastName                              Last Name
NameID (fka Email)                    Email 
User.Email                            Email
User.FirstName                        First Name
User.Firstname                        First Name
User.LastName                         Last Name
User.Lastname                         Last Name

On the receiving side I've tried with {tidp.NameID}, {tidp.User.NameID}, etc.

I tried the values from https://onelogin.service-now.com/support?id=kb_article&sys_id=3183378cdb33a344d5505eea4b96197c but I guess without the correct values on the trusted side, I'm out of luck.

With the current setup, I just get a 404 response when the user is not created yet. No error on any log I can access.

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