in my mail server I have a mailbox me@mrtsolutions.it and an alias ciao@mrtsolutions.it which send all to me@gmail.com.

Now when I send from user@gmail.com an email to ciao@mrtsolutions.it, I receive the mail in me@gmail.com. Now I would like to rewrite mail header in forwarded messagge with From field set to forwarded@mrtsolutions.it and Reply-To field set to original sender.

My header_check file:

if /^To:.*(ciao@mrtsolutions.it|contact@mrtsolutions.it)/
/^From:(.+@.+).*$/ PREPEND Reply-To:$1
/^From:(.+@.+).*$/ REPLACE From: forwarded@mrtsolutions.it

Where am I wrong? Nothing of this works

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