I currently use a Contabo M SSD VPS and I am looking to get CentOS 7 installed with LVM for the system partition. However, there is not a direct route to do this since Contabo's OS images are all non-LVM. One path I see around this is using their SystemRecovery image and manually STP'ing over the CentOS ISO and... besides installing the OS like so, getting there is where my expertise in doing something like this ends. I ask this because I would like to do daily "hot" snapshots to the cloud in the event that my system unexpectedly gave up the ghost. As it is, given that I am on a non-LVM install of CentOS, I am currently forced to do Duplicacy incremental backups of a selection of folders (/etc, /home, /opt, /root, /srv, /usr, /var) as well as separate daily backups of my WordPress and Discourse sites, all of which are pushed daily (or more) to the cloud. Though I have documentation completely written out with all the steps I would need to follow to rebuild my VPS, a full from-the-ground-up recovery is a lot more laborious than having to simply restore a snapshot. Before going officially live, I did a from-the-ground-up recovery twice as a sort of self-inflicted fire drill to ensure it would work out but I would much rather have a system snapshot solution in place. Thoughts and advice?

Note: I have crossposted this help request on Reddit here and here.


Bingo! After scouring the web, I finally found a workable solution on GitHub:



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