I configured two replication tasks on a FreeNas 11.2 server, one points to data/db (80mb) and the other to data/images (1000s of files, ~1Tb approx).

Both tasks are working properly, I can see on the remote server how Storage->Pools are continuously using more and more disk space. The pool's data/db status on the source server is Up to date, and the one for data/images is Sending data/images.

On the destination server, when I go to Storage->Pools I see ~80MB for data/db and ~8gb (and increasing) for data/images.

What makes me wonder if everything is ok, is when I go to the command line and do an ls -lah /mnt/data/db I can see the files stored there, but if I do ls -lah /mnt/data/images the directory exists, but is empty.

Also, if I do du -sh /mnt/data the used space is 80gb, so, it looks like the info I get from the UI on Storage->Pools for data/images is something stored elsewhere (in RAM maybe?). How can I see exactly where the data is being written?.


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