A business partner asked us to implement a list of 1000+ URL redirects from http://site1.com to https://site2.com. We set up an (old) Apache 2.2 which we cannot upgrade as follows:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName site1.com
  ServerAlias *.site1.com
  Redirect 301 /url-0001 https://site2.com/...
  Redirect 301 /url-0002 https://site2.com/...
  Redirect 301 /url-0003 https://site2.com/...
  Redirect 301 /url-1234 https://site2.com/url-...
  RedirectMatch 301 ^(.*)$ https://site2.com/


Any redirect after the first 400+ does not work correctly, i.e., instead of the following redirect:

http://site1.com/url-410 --> https://site2.com/foo

we get:

http://site1.com/url-410 --> https://site2.com/url-410

It seems the URI is not being rewritten correctly.

Question: Is there a limit of how many redirect directives one can use in a single vhost or am I missing something obvious here?


Root Cause: Redirect #400 looked as follows:

Redirect 301 / https://site2.com/

All URLs after this one got 404.

Solution: After removing this redirect everything worked as expected.

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