Today i was playing around with ethernet adapters and vlans in Alpine Linux. I tried to give the interfaces arbitrary names.

After looking at the source i had the following example working

Ethernet adapter named lan01 configured as DHCP client and a VLAN on this adapter named lan-test on VLAN ID 100

My /etc/network/interfaces:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto lan01
iface lan01 inet dhcp
        hostname alpine

auto lan-test
iface lan-test inet static
        vlan-id 100
        vlan-raw-device lan01

ifup and ifdown in Alpine Linux uses busybox.

Nowhere in any documentation i found the option vlan-id. However the vlan-raw-device is found in most documentation/man pages. So this brings me to the question: Why is this option not documented anywhere?

Some of my guesses:

  • It is old and deprecated thus should not be used anymore
  • It is new and untested.
  • It never got documented properly
  • I just overlooked it many many times in the documentation

Quick dig do you have a Mellanox card ?


  • My Alpine is running as a VM on VMware Player. – eKKiM May 27 at 17:12

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