The file system of our centOS 7 was broken and could not be fixed (we tried lots of ways, all failed).

Luckily we got most of the files (maybe some is missing) with a disk recovery tool. Now we have files under / and /home in an USB hard disk.

We have gitlab and testlink installed on this centOS, and no backups😭. We want to get them back. Is it possible we can reinstall centOS with the same version and reuse the recovered files to get these two services back?

  • The partition failed because of a hard disk failure? if yes you can pay to have the platten read to restore as you have no backup. Way better than a recovery tool, but way cost more high than such tool. – yagmoth555 May 21 at 7:33
  • yes, it's because of a hard disk failure. We already copy all the files to an external hard disk with a recovery tool. We are trying to find a low cost way to get everything back. – Han He May 21 at 7:39

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