We have a production IIS Server that we deploy ASP.NET Core applications to using msdeploy.

We need to move the temporary files folder to a different drive for the apps, so need to set the TMP environment variable for one of the apps :- we clearly DON'T want to handle this in web.config as this is a production environment setting.

Traditionally we'd set environment variables by directly accessing the Server and executing AppCmd from the CLI:

AppCmd set config "web client" -section:system.webServer/aspNetCore /+"environmentVariables.[name='TMP',value='D:\TMP']" /commit:apphost

But I know that MsDeploy in addition to being able to sync web applications is capable of far more. I've just never seen any good examples that explain how it might be used to directly set a single config setting for example so I don't know even where to start.

Any clues?

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