I have the nginx upload module handling site uploads, but still need to transfer files (3-20 MB each, let's say) to our CDN, and would rather not delegate that to a background job. what is the best way to do this with Tornado without blocking other requests? Can I do this in an async callback?

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Another name for "async callbacks" are background jobs. You've already got the right way to do it, why would you want suggestions on how to do it the wrong way?

  • what do you mean by "background jobs"? i'd rather not have a task queue process this -- if its sane (which is what im asking) i'd prefer do it in the view, possibly using tornado's async callback method, as exemplified in the documentation here: tornadoweb.org/documentation#non-blocking-asynchronous-requests
    – matt
    Dec 23, 2009 at 1:48

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